Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Taking care of business

   A year ago, we were introduced to an awesome couple by a friend of my parents. It was no coincidence that they happened to have a son with a similar deletion syndrome to Evey, only his is on the 7th chromosome, while Evey's is on the 17th.
      After a few months of hanging out, we realized this was an eternal friendship; then, we started talking about how Evey and Paxton were destined to be together. Then came the mother-in-law jokes, and it has been a blessed year having this family by our side, who understands our life without us having to explain a thing. We love them, and have found a perfect friendship in them.  
    A week ago Saturday, Nate and I were out on a date, with Evey (of course), when we found out Pax was being admitted into the hospital for what our friends thought was a "routine" pneumonia.  We immediately decided to go up there and visit with them in the ER; PCMC really is our second home.  A date night in the ER is a normal thing for us, and for them, so we didn't think much of it. Evey and Paxton also had their own date that night. 
     After a few hours of visiting, Nate and I decided to head home. As we were leaving, Nate mentioned to me that Shannon and Dave looked so bright and full of the light, they were just radiating light - they were glowing. We both wondered if that was a standard look for Dave and Shannon in the hospital. 
     The next day, when we found out Pax was gravely ill, we knew they were being surrounded by angels to prepare them for what was to come. 
    Four days later, Paxton passed away from a strep infection that got into his blood stream.  
     It's been an extremely somber week as we've reminisced about Paxton, and thought about Evey's future. More than anything, I've been extremely grateful this week. Grateful that our dear friends know, without a doubt, that Paxton is happy, and free from his mortal body. 
     I'm also thankful that I know he has retuned home to a loving Heavenly Father, and I know when it's Evey's turn, Paxton will be waiting for her to show her around. 
    Since the day Paxton passed away, Evey has been unusually healthy and active. She's slept through the night consistently, has not vomited or choked, and is the happiest that we've ever seen her. We know Pax got up there and rearranged the angels watching over Evey, and he's looking out for his lady. Thanks for taking care of business, Paxton - we love you.  Make sure to save some seats up there for us...until we meet again. 

Friday, July 5, 2013


6 years
4 Kids
5 Houses
4 Cities
Millions of Laughs

Thanks for joining me on life's adventure.  There's no one else I'd rather do eternity with.  I still choose you! Happy Anniversary Baby Bubba!