Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Brown Eyes

     I talk about the small, significant, moments a lot in this blog.  I don't want to be overly cheesy and I know people assume I have those really, ugly, hard breakdowns, where I find myself crying in the closet, and I do.  We all have those in one form or another.  That's the beauty of this mortality.  I just don't talk about them much, if it all, because if I dwell on those, I'd probably be too busy spiraling into a deep, dark place that I'd miss the moments and messages that the Lord is trying to sending me to help me move forward.
    On that note, we have had quite a week in the Supreme Team house.  I came down with a nasty flu, aches, fever and all things glorious that come with experimenting in not getting a flu shot.  A day after the fever began, I noticed Evey was acting lethargic and wasn't rolling around as much.  I assumed she was getting sick and thought here we go.  Her fever never came and Nate finally noticed her arm kept getting stuck when she did attempt to roll over.  Finally on Saturday morning, after poking and prodding her arm, we realized it was broken.  Off to downtown Primary Children's Hospital we went.  Mind you, I still had a full-blown fever and probably looked like a drug addict and death wrapped in one.  Which, come to think about it, I should be grateful they didn't call child protective services on me.  A drugged looking lady bringing in her baby, saying her arm is broken, but yet we don't know how it happened...hmmmm.  Thankfully, the nurse knew Evey from previous visits and we were in the clear from a CPS incident.
     So yes, our Evey broke her arm which opened up a whole new bag of worms.  She could have osteogenesis imperfecta, (aka brittle bone disease), doesn't that sound like a harry potter spell....osteogenesis imperfecta!  The cool disease, where bones brake for no reason.  For now, because the tests to discover it are imperfect(ironic?), our Orthopedist tells us we'll definitely know within a year, between her ribs breaking from her spinal rods and any other breaks that could happen along the way.  Awesome!  A lot to swallow, and more importantly a lot of doctors to see and appointments to make.  Busy, busy, busy.  And this flu bug has decided to take it's sweet time leaving my system.  Note to self: no more experimenting with the whole flu shot conspiracy theory.
    Today, after no sleep from the sickies, I had to get up and take our Evey to the physical therapist because we are in the process of ordering her a wheel chair and some other cool medical equipment.  I pulled up to the building miserable, and got Zoey out and went around to get Evey out of her chair, begrudgingly.  A van pulled up next to me and I noticed a grandma and grandpa get out, pull a wheelchair out of their van and go to get a young 5 year old looking boy out of his seat.
      I mainly stopped to check out the wheelchair, because we've been trying to figure out what kind we want, but I managed to glance at the boy.  This 5 year old boy had machines everywhere, he was on a vent with a tracheostomy and was so medically complicated.  His brown eyes immediately locked into mine.  I stopped and tried to muster whatever smile I could at him.  He just stared at me and didn't flinch.  Immediately this boy's spirit spoke directly to me.  I heard it as clear as day and it said, "Don't you dare feel sorry for yourself." It was the most perfect, gentle, scolding and the boy kept his big, brown eyes on mine, until I heard that clear message.  Again, "don't you dare feel sorry for yourself."  The grandparents swept him away and I was left dumbfounded in the parking lot.  There it was, the simple message I needed to hear, from the eyes of a perfect spirit.  I'm so grateful today for that perfect little boy that communicated to me through the spirit, the inspired message that the Lord needed me to hear.  It was just the gentle reminder I needed today and yesterday and always.  I am blessed.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

One step forward...

     I've learned with Evey when she takes a step forward, there will always be a rebound that sets us back. She's learned to take a few bites, which I so eagerly posted, because it was so exciting.  However, now she is vomiting again and we've stopped bites all together to do some studies of her esophagus and stomach to see what's going on.  We also need to re-botox her neck because her torticolis is back and we need to get a good luck at her hearing with an abr. I imagine we'll have those procedures done within a few weeks.  Sometimes these set backs really do a number on my glass half-full personality.  But then, I go to sleep, wake up in the morning and it's a new day to be optimistic about.
     The good news is with the boys in school we have all sorts of time with physical, occupational and speech therapy.  Evey is now pushing up again on all fours for a couple of seconds. She'll definitely learn to crawl before she learns to sit up.  She's just as determined as ever and now when anyone new walks in the house she gets up on all fours to show off her new skills.  It's so cute and we definitely know she's part of the family with her show-off skills.  Can't wait to see what this lady has in store for us and what the future holds for her.   She will accomplish anything she puts her mind to, because that's how strong her will power is (again, another hereditary trait).  And with that hair, nothing will stop her. Keep on keeping on, Evey lady.