Monday, March 31, 2014

Go Big

    I realize it has been a while.  I think I've inhaled a lot of paint fumes this last month, which has left me in a writing stupor.  I've been looking over texts and Facebook comments that I've made the last few weeks, and simple two-letter words are misspelled.  So maybe it's a good thing that there's been a small hiatus. Not to act like I'm a grammar genius anyways, we all know Nate, my better half, is the grammar man, not only in English, but in a million other languages.  I definitely married up.
   Evey is 4 weeks out from her spinal rod expansion surgery.  She did amazing, and has bounced back so quickly.  The first few days post-op are the hardest because we have to figure out what drug cocktail works the best for her.  Because her GI tract is different than typical kids her age, the typical meds that they give 2 year-olds don't work the same for her. We learned this surgery: pain meds not so much, but the muscle relaxers are key for her.  Hooray for Valium!
   My favorite thing about our Evey lady is that when she goes big, she goes big.  Her development is so unusual because there's not a lot of progression leading up to big milestones.  It's like she wakes up one day and says 'today I will crawl'.  'Today, I will stand, and today, I will eat a pizza crust.' That's exactly what happened last weekend.  We came home from a Saturday full of errands and picked up some pizza on the way home.  She was making crazy noises while we were eating, so we handed over a handle of crust and she went to town.  She chewed that thing for 45 minutes.  Then, while she was eating her crust, she started pushing up on her legs and bearing weight in a downward dog yoga position, with the crust in her mouth.  She did all of this without her AFOs (ankle/leg braces) because she grew out of them a few months ago and we haven't ordered her new ones yet.  Like a boss, Evey lady, like a boss.  These last few days, she's been wanting me to hold her so she can stand all the time.  This week we will be ordering her a walker, and from there, the sky will be the limit.  It truly is amazing.  When she commits, she commits.  When she's decided, she's decided.  Another life lesson from the perfect example in our household.  Go big or go home, says our yoga master!