Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New perspectives

Yesterday, we had a quick Botox procedure done up at Pcmc. They had to put Evey under general anesthesia because they ran an ultrasound over her cheeks to find her salivary glands and then inject them with Botox to prevent her from drooling and choking on her saliva at night. We hope it helps.

It was a quick, no biggie procedure and its amazing how you learn to not even flinch at the minor ones now, especially after the big ones we've had and also knowing what's coming in August with her spinal rods being put in. That one is going to be a doozy. 

I know I say this over and over, but I love the magic moments and miracles I witness every time I'm up at PCMC. Especially while waiting in the Pre-op room. Here's a few of the magic moments I saw in the short few hours I was up there.
  • A young mom adjusting the huge pink bow on her 6 year old daughter's bald, cancer-stricken head.
  • Another Mom and Dad reading a dragon book to their 10 year old boy for an hour straight while waiting, all so he wouldn't get nervous while waiting for his surgery.
  • A grey-haired anesthesiologist making monkey noises to a little Hispanic boy who couldn't speak English while carrying him back to the OR.  The little boy was laughing hysterically.
  • A couple waiting patiently with their daughter with cerebral palsy, all while brushing her hair and stroking her head.
  • A grandma of a fussy baby, holding and rocking the boy, while the exhausted couple ran down to the cafeteria to get breakfast.
  • Walking in post-op to see Evey being held by the nicest nurse, who said she wanted to snuggle with her all day 
It's always about perspective.  These little moments do not even account for all of Eveys' doctors we ran into, and who checked on her and the anesthesiologists who shared information with one another regarding Evey's previous surgeries.  We have an amazing team and there are parents out there doing hard every day.  Life can seem pretty unfair sometimes, nobody has it easy in today's world.  I'm always reminded of that up at PCMC. Good thing the Lord allows us to see those small miracles and magic moments that remind us that we are never alone in this.  Blessed.  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Fathers day came and went in a blur.  We have narrowed down Eveys' issues and sleepless nights to the fact that she's choking on her drool from her new tooth at night. We've learned she does terrible with thin liquids and just can't swallow them.  The solution - head back up to PCMC in a few days for them to botox her salivary glands in her mouth that will hopefully prevent her from drooling. It's a super quick procedure, but they do have to put her under with general anesthesia which is a bummer. All of this while we're scrambling to prepare for Nate & I's first vacation by ourself in 6 years! Phew...

I was asked to talk in church on Sunday about fathers.  It really got me thinking about my own Dad (aka Papa) and that amazing husband of mine we like to call the Natronius.  They both are my favorite men in my life.  These days women are pretty hard on men.  I read a news article last weekend all about how media has portrayed men as big, dumb dopes that are only good for bringing home a paycheck. It's unfortunate because there are amazing men out there, that are incredible dads and husbands. It's no small task to be a provider these days in this world we live in where there's so many expectations on what they are to provide.  Every time I want to get a little whiney about dealing with the crazies, I remember that.  So thank you men where ever you are.  Thank you for putting up with the ever increasing demands that society places on you and thanks for tolerating the women in your lives.  We know estrogen is a complicated matter; don't worry, it even confuses us most days.  And thank you Papa and Natronius.  You are and always will be the best men the world has ever known.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Psalms 18:36  Thou hast enlarged my steps under me, that my feet did not slip.

We've had several long nights in a row with Eves lately, more so than normal.  Between fevers, new teeth, and trying to figure out her GI issues we are only averaging a couple hours of sleep a night.  As Nate and I pray at night, we always ask the Lord to help Evey sleep through the night.  And most nights, even after our fervent prayers, she doesn't.  I've been reading Elder Holland's book this week, For Times of Trouble, on the book of Psalms. A particular passage of his, answered my own personal prayers of why our specific prayers are not always answered in the way we ask.  He says this.

"Much of the miraculous help we find in the gospel is just that - a miracle from heaven, the power of divine priesthood, the attendance of angels administering to us through a very thin veil.  Those are gifts from God, manifestations of His grace.  They are provided for us without much control or power - or even much worthiness, it seems - on our part.
But other elements of God's miraculous help consist of things He does to, in effect, let us help ourselves.  Some paths we feel we just can't walk.  Some mountains seem just too high to climb.  Some steps are just too difficult to take.  When that is so, heaven does intervene, but often it is not too smooth out the path or remove the mountain or shorten the steps.  More often than not, God sends help in a different way.  He makes us stronger and more sure-footed.  In effect, He gives us bigger feet, stronger legs, a firmer back, more stiffened shoulders.  He deals with us rather than with the problem we face.  We then proceed with new strength, less slipping, and are all stronger for it."

So my prayers have been answered.  I have renewed strength to get through the day.  I have the energy I need to take care of the kids, and Nate has the energy he needs to manage his business.  We feel so humbled and grateful for all the unexpected lessons we are learning on our adventure with Evey.  How marvelous that the Lord knows us better than we know ourselves and knows exactly what we need, when we need it.  We are blessed.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The end of birthday row

It was happy all around for Owen's fifth birthday yesterday. Happy because he was so excited and also because he was the last of what we have named "birthday row", our 4 birthdays in 6 weeks. Next year I vow to plan better and maybe even let the kids have a legit party...maybe.  We had a small pool party with our amazing friends who have 3 girls that match the ages of our kids. And yes we are already arranging marriages for the boys.  They love them and they play amazingly well together. Fixed marriages are so not overrated. 

I can't believe our "Owie" is 5. He reminds us all the time his name is Owen and then spells it for us in case we forgot how to pronounce it. He is the perfect firstborn and the most pure and gentle boy I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. He taught us right from birth how to be parents and how to fight for what is right. He's given us so much confidence in our parenting skills and we are all the better for knowing him. He's turned in to such a logical genius. We have to remind him to call us Mom and Dad because now that he knows we have real names, his logical brain obviously thinks we should go by Nate and Cally.  He loves soccer like Daddy and happens to be phenomenal at it. Nothing can get in his way between he and the goal.  He is always wanting to read and loves us to spell every word. He is the most polite little dude with all his pleases and excuse me. The great news is we haven't taught him any of this. He learned it at school and has made it a part of his life, mostly it was in his nature from the get go. He loves good manners.  I can't believe just 2 and a half years ago we had a non verbal, head banging, rocking, tantrum throwing little boy.  He's a true testament to ABA therapy and early intervention.  All little quirks aside, at the end of the day he's just our Owen. The best big brother, an amazing friend and a little dude that melts hearts everywhere he goes. Nate and I constantly scratch our heads at how we were lucky enough to be chosen to watch over this perfect boy here on earth. I'm thinking he and Evey were a package deal and what an amazing one at that! 

 We love you Owen!  Thank you for blessing our lives every day and for being the first born of the supreme team. You have an amazing life ahead of you and we can't wait to see how it unfolds. 
Love, Mom and Dad aka Nate and Cally

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Evey Year One

We celebrated Evey's birthday in typical supreme team fashion; Utter chaos. We started off at Primary Children's Hospital for a pulmonology appointment. We learned we need to treat Evey for asthma and allergies and give her steroids daily. We took the whole fam along because the kids love it up at the hospital.  Who wouldn't, it has Spiderman and a bridge you can walk across overlooking the city.

Next was the zoo because it happens to be right by the hospital. More chaos. 

And we finally made it home to sing happy birthday and open presents. She loves her music kit with drums and shakers. We officially have the sixth member of the band. I'll keep this post about Evey and wax sentimental on everything I've learned over the last year in the next. Developmentally, she still doesn't hold her head up, sit up or crawl. But man does this little lady roll. She's started to figure out she can move her body on the ground to get where she wants and she loves it. Only this little girl with her drive and determination would figure out a way to work around her malformed body and spine. I know I say it over and over, but she truly is a living miracle and it is blessing to get to hang out with her all day. Happy Birthday Evey Lady. You are our favorite one year old!