Saturday, June 1, 2013

Evey Year One

We celebrated Evey's birthday in typical supreme team fashion; Utter chaos. We started off at Primary Children's Hospital for a pulmonology appointment. We learned we need to treat Evey for asthma and allergies and give her steroids daily. We took the whole fam along because the kids love it up at the hospital.  Who wouldn't, it has Spiderman and a bridge you can walk across overlooking the city.

Next was the zoo because it happens to be right by the hospital. More chaos. 

And we finally made it home to sing happy birthday and open presents. She loves her music kit with drums and shakers. We officially have the sixth member of the band. I'll keep this post about Evey and wax sentimental on everything I've learned over the last year in the next. Developmentally, she still doesn't hold her head up, sit up or crawl. But man does this little lady roll. She's started to figure out she can move her body on the ground to get where she wants and she loves it. Only this little girl with her drive and determination would figure out a way to work around her malformed body and spine. I know I say it over and over, but she truly is a living miracle and it is blessing to get to hang out with her all day. Happy Birthday Evey Lady. You are our favorite one year old!

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  1. Cute baby girl! She looks so happy, you can see how loved she is. And you, lady, are lookin all skinny and smokin hot!