Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New perspectives

Yesterday, we had a quick Botox procedure done up at Pcmc. They had to put Evey under general anesthesia because they ran an ultrasound over her cheeks to find her salivary glands and then inject them with Botox to prevent her from drooling and choking on her saliva at night. We hope it helps.

It was a quick, no biggie procedure and its amazing how you learn to not even flinch at the minor ones now, especially after the big ones we've had and also knowing what's coming in August with her spinal rods being put in. That one is going to be a doozy. 

I know I say this over and over, but I love the magic moments and miracles I witness every time I'm up at PCMC. Especially while waiting in the Pre-op room. Here's a few of the magic moments I saw in the short few hours I was up there.
  • A young mom adjusting the huge pink bow on her 6 year old daughter's bald, cancer-stricken head.
  • Another Mom and Dad reading a dragon book to their 10 year old boy for an hour straight while waiting, all so he wouldn't get nervous while waiting for his surgery.
  • A grey-haired anesthesiologist making monkey noises to a little Hispanic boy who couldn't speak English while carrying him back to the OR.  The little boy was laughing hysterically.
  • A couple waiting patiently with their daughter with cerebral palsy, all while brushing her hair and stroking her head.
  • A grandma of a fussy baby, holding and rocking the boy, while the exhausted couple ran down to the cafeteria to get breakfast.
  • Walking in post-op to see Evey being held by the nicest nurse, who said she wanted to snuggle with her all day 
It's always about perspective.  These little moments do not even account for all of Eveys' doctors we ran into, and who checked on her and the anesthesiologists who shared information with one another regarding Evey's previous surgeries.  We have an amazing team and there are parents out there doing hard every day.  Life can seem pretty unfair sometimes, nobody has it easy in today's world.  I'm always reminded of that up at PCMC. Good thing the Lord allows us to see those small miracles and magic moments that remind us that we are never alone in this.  Blessed.  

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