Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Fathers day came and went in a blur.  We have narrowed down Eveys' issues and sleepless nights to the fact that she's choking on her drool from her new tooth at night. We've learned she does terrible with thin liquids and just can't swallow them.  The solution - head back up to PCMC in a few days for them to botox her salivary glands in her mouth that will hopefully prevent her from drooling. It's a super quick procedure, but they do have to put her under with general anesthesia which is a bummer. All of this while we're scrambling to prepare for Nate & I's first vacation by ourself in 6 years! Phew...

I was asked to talk in church on Sunday about fathers.  It really got me thinking about my own Dad (aka Papa) and that amazing husband of mine we like to call the Natronius.  They both are my favorite men in my life.  These days women are pretty hard on men.  I read a news article last weekend all about how media has portrayed men as big, dumb dopes that are only good for bringing home a paycheck. It's unfortunate because there are amazing men out there, that are incredible dads and husbands. It's no small task to be a provider these days in this world we live in where there's so many expectations on what they are to provide.  Every time I want to get a little whiney about dealing with the crazies, I remember that.  So thank you men where ever you are.  Thank you for putting up with the ever increasing demands that society places on you and thanks for tolerating the women in your lives.  We know estrogen is a complicated matter; don't worry, it even confuses us most days.  And thank you Papa and Natronius.  You are and always will be the best men the world has ever known.

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