Saturday, December 15, 2012


A little update on our Eves knees seeing as how I've been distracted with the chaos of Zoey deciding to potty train herself and climb out of her crib all within the same week. That girl's eagerness to be an adult will be the death of me. And yes my Mom does laugh way too loud when I call to vent about Zoey, oh sweet Karma. Maybe she'll finally settle down when she's 31 like I have.

So on to our other favorite daughter. Evey is still recovering from surgery, her head looks amazing, but we have noticed her eyes are crossing way more now that she has a round head. She's almost 7 months old and is in the 40th percentile for height and 20th for weight. She is still fed all through her g-tube and we hope to get her over her constant colds so we can try and start some oral feeds. The good news is that the desire to suck is there and shes taking an affinity to sucking on her swaddle blankets. Health wise she seems to have one healthy week and then one sick week and then repeats the cycle. We are working on her holding her head up and helping her straighten out her neck. She can hold her head up for a few seconds at a time and then she flops it back down cause she gets so tired. It's bizarre to think that Zoey was crawling at this point in life and we are still trying to get Evey strong enough to hold her head up while we're holding her. There is also the nice part of getting to enjoy this baby mode for a long time that always flew by way too fast with the other kids. We also have a new specialist on board, a pediatric orthopedist who we'll meet with after christmas to address Eves scoliosis that seems to be pretty severe says all the other docs that look at her, so it'll be nice to see what the plan is to help her down the road. Other than that she's still the sweetest, happiest baby that we could ever ask for. When the other kids are jumping all around her and screaming she usually does her little giggle because apparently the fact that we are a 6-man circus is funny to her. She really must have knew exactly what she was coming to. With all the craziness around us in this mortal world, it's a huge blessing to have Evey as a reminder that all things are eternal and that the end goal is returning to a loving Heavenly Father arms.

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  1. I love your little ladies - and YIKES, potty training and crib climbing all in the same week, hang in there! Perhaps one advantage of little miss Zoey wanting to grow up so fast is that she will become a fabulous big sister.

    And we are now in town! Our phones are out of commission until tomorrow but we will be contacting you to see when we can come see you!