Tuesday, February 19, 2013


    Where do you take your 1 year old going on 30 year old for their birthday? Las Vegas of course. We thought it would only be appropriate for Zoey to celebrate her 2nd birthday in Vegas baby. And now I won't have to pause to much when people ask how old the kids are. It's an easy 4, 3, 2 and 9mo until April. Anything that makes my life easier is okay by me.
     Zoey just happens to be the coolest 2 year old I know. She makes fans wherever she goes. For example while in Vegas at a playground, she convinced some older girls to give her their necklaces because she liked them so much. Another parent also tracked us down and asked us if Zoey was ours. We hesitantly said, yes. And then she goes on to say how tough she is and how she fell so hard off a slide and all the parents around gasped and ran up to her to help and she brushed herself off and went on her way. That's our Zoe's nose. The girl that walked at 9 months and Potty trained herself and that will be able to do anything she wants in life. She is such an intricate piece of our family puzzle. Selfishly, I love watching a mini version of myself walking around. It has brought such clarity to who I am and the responsibility I now have to do as good of a job as my parents did with me. Just remember Zoe, it's okay to act like a kid every now and again, being an adult is kinda overrated.

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