Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Love or hate

Like seafood, chocolate, and snow, Disney happens to be one of those Love/Hate things.  Our family happens to fall on the love side.  We love all things Disney and so do our kids, conveniently.  We found a break between Evey's surgeries and thankfully she stayed healthy and we were able to spend a week down at Disneyland.  Our kids loved every part and so did Mom and Dad.  Most people think taking four young kids to Disneyland for 5 days is parental suicide.  What I try to explain to people is that our day to day lives are so crazy and so unpredictable that 5 days of Disney is utter perfection.  Nate and I were on cloud nine the whole time and the kids loved every minute.  We felt so blessed every day that we were there.  The only glitch in our near perfect week was that Evey had a seizure the very last day.  We'll address that the next post, but for now here's the Supreme Team's Disney review.

                                                              Our view from the hotel

The characters were all so sweet with Evey and she loved all of them so much.

The boys loved giving hugs to all of their favorite characters.

                          We had to take a beach day to break things up and it was perfect weather.

Zoey is obsessed with Cinderella.  We had to pry her off of her and she was loving every second of it.  Zoey will be the girl that's fighting all the boys on the playground, while wearing a princess dress.

                                              The kids mapping out their plan of attack.

                                                  Love these boys.  They look very related.

                   Each of the boys got to do the Jedi Training Academy.  Eli and Owen took it all very seriously.

                                                Yes, we were as happy as we looked.


  1. Yay! So glad it was a good and relaxing trip (except for the last day it sounds like). Reminds me of the last time you got out of town! These pictures are priceless, can't wait for the day when you guys give us the Disney tour. :)

  2. Love the pictures, love the family!