Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hearts & Guts

More news on the Evey front.  We visited with the Cardiologist and the two holes in her heart are looking much smaller and the doc is optimistic they'll close on their own, even if they don't they said they won't do surgery on them because they're so small and won't cause any problems. One less surgery : yeah-uh!

Later that day we had a visit with the Gastroenterologist to talk about Evey's feeding.  Lately, during the day when she's taking her bolus feeds she gets excessively sweaty and irritable during feeds and has constant diarrhea.  The doc says it's likely she has dumping syndrome.   Really people?  Dumping syndrome... another classic in the medical world...good times.  So, apparently her stomach is just kicking all of her food straight to her small intestine, without even pausing in her stomach which is causing the symptoms we see.  So to solve the problem we have to slow her feeds during the day from 20 minutes to 40 minutes.  Good news is we can put her on the pump during those 40 minutes so I'm not held captive holding a syringe all day.  Bad news is, we are now back to packing the pump around, which isn't all that bad.  Other good news is most kiddos grow out of dumping syndrome as they get older and their stomach gets bigger.  Bad news is when she grows out of it we won't get to say the phrase dumping syndrome anymore.  You win some, you lose some.

I was visiting with a "special needs Mom" the other day who was really worried about her other children and how they were handling all the mixed attention they would get throughout their lives with a special sibling.  Immediately, I had the most calming spirit over me.  Owen, Eli, and Zoey chose this, they are going to be better off then even Nate and I are.  This is a group effort, this is the "supreme team" at it's finest.  We can already see it in them.  Eli and Zoe who tend to be a little rougher around our house, if you will, are so gentle and sweet with Evey.  It's quite the sight to see.  I love our little supreme team so much, they never cease to amaze me.  As you can see, even Zoey, who loves food as much as her Mom and Dad is even willing to share her precious treats with Evey.  I think Zoey should get paid to be Evey's new feeding therapist. 

It's such a good, sweet life.  The physically exhausted moments should never take away from the good spiritual ones.  I've found out that you can have constant comfort and happiness even when being completely spent physically.  What a wonderful thing, our Savior's plan.  I know he never leaves us and we're so blessed he's taking care of our little supreme team.  This is truly the plan of happiness.

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  1. Adorable. Great news about Evey's little heart. I love this Supreme Team! I love the calming assurance and witness you received in response to your friend's concern. Everyone on the Supreme Team is a willing participant! Your brother's story comes to my mind all the time, what an insightful and powerful perspective to have.

    And "Dumping Syndrome"? Seriously? I would have liked to hear the medical discussion that lead to that title.