Monday, October 1, 2012


I had a neighbor so wisely describe the chaos of packing for trips as Pre-trip mode. Very similar to another acronym that starts with a P and has 3 letters. It's so not easy being a female, curse you estrogen!

We managed a family trip to Bear Lake thanks to our favorite friends and only forgot our shampoo and conditioner. It was a festivus miracle. We remembered all of Evey's medical supplies, and her pump did not break like it did last time we attempted a night away. It was so relaxing and all we did was eat, talk, and play with our kiddos. We had access to atvs and other fun lake toys, but you know you're the parents of toddlers and babies when you'd rather sit around all day and talk than muster up energy to actually "play". We laughed how back in the day Pre-Kids we'd be the first to play and now all we want to do is sit around and have adult conversations. Thankfully we were able to do just that and now we can attack October with full force and muster up some will power to not single handedly eat all of the kids Halloween candy this year. Curse you Halloween!

Without further ado here's a look at how Evey's eating these days and here's the first official Johnson family photo in a purely natural state. It was taken with an iPhone and has not had a single edit done to it, yes we're kicking it old school and we have no shame of how we look in our raw form. Curse you photoshop that has set all of our standards way too high for photos.

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  1. I feel privileged to have taken the first family photo of the Johnson Six Supreme Team. You guys are looking amazing by the way.