Friday, August 23, 2013


While Evey's in the hospital I thought I'd post new pictures my sis-in-law took of the kids (thanks Kim). Evey is doing amazingly well and is alert and happy even with all the drugs in her system. Prayers are being answered. 



This one of the kids is so telling of all their personalities. I love candid shoots because you really see who everyone is. Eli is hamming it up for the camera. Evey is letting the siblings know play time is over.  Owen's trying to console Evey to make her feel better. And Zoey is giving the camera stink eye...just because she can. This pic is the perfect explanation of the fearsome foursome. These little people are so cool and always keep us on our toes. We are so grateful for these kiddos, they have giant spirits(and personalities) and I'm blessed to be able to hang out with them all day. 

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