Monday, December 9, 2013

Best Laid Plans

Today I had lots of great plans.  Last night as I was trying to fall asleep, I planned out my Monday.  It went something like this.
-Wake up, get the kids off to school.
-Unpack more boxes.
-Go to the grocery store.
-Pick up Christmas Cards to mail.
-Go to the gym.
-Make an asian dinner I've been craving.
-Pick up Evey's prescriptions.
-Call over some Insurance bills.
-Cancel and reschedule Evey's overnight seizure study
-Eat said delicious asian dinner
-Have family night
-Put up Christmas decorations and let kids decorate their gingerbread cookies.

Instead, this is what really happened.
-After being up all night treating Evey's fever and stomach virus. We had a late morning start and finally got the kids out the door with much coercing (aka yelling)
-Took Evey to the doctor again after 10 days of a stomach virus and 4 days of fever(never mind the fact that we were in the ER over the weekend - sore subject).
-While getting home from the doctors visit and laying Evey down in her crib for a nap, her g-j tube got snagged on my purse and came out....again.  Seriously? (it's time to get her a belly band wrap)
- Waited for the boys to get home from school and we all drove up to the hospital to get it put back in for the umpteenth time. That's a couple hour ordeal.
- Ate corn dogs, cheetos, french fries, and gummy worms for dinner at the hospital cafeteria.
- Came straight home for bath and bed.
-Icing on the cake, I got a cold sore :(

    This probably happens to us twice a week.  Nate always says plans for us are a complete luxury and a pure miracle if they even happen.
     I guess I'm writing this to vent a little, but even as I'm writing I feel quite petty.  Look at all my first world problems.  Oh poor me, I didn't get to sit in my warm house and put up my nice christmas tree and cook my delicious dinner or go to the gym.  It's kind of embarrassing, but I suppose I'm posting this more as a reminder to myself. While we were eating dinner in the hospital cafeteria Eli exclaimed, "this is the best family dinner ever!"  I think Cheetos have that effect on most kids and lets be honest, most adults.
    Now, if I really take a hard look at my day, I can find some of those small miracles.  I remember that our favorite Aunt called and came over just in the knick of time to play with Zoey so Nate & I could run and get the last of the stuff from the house, that we didn't get over the weekend because of Evey's hospital stay.  There was an extremely nice southern gentlemen checking us in at the hospital who we love and tells the best stories.  The insurance lady I talked to while waiting for Evey's procedure was extra nice today and we talked about moving and hoarding and laughed about it.  Our favorite radiologist was on staff and made Evey's replacement much more pleasant.  And as Eli proclaimed so wisely, Cheetos do solve all problems.  Plans are overrated, good thing I've never really liked them anyway.  We are blessed.

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  1. LOVE. I can hear you as I read this. I will miss you so much. I would love to come help you unpack or play with your kids if you need any help, facebook msg. me and let me know. Keep in touch.