Monday, December 2, 2013

Tender Mercies

   With Evey, I feel like I can easily recognize the big mercies the Lord sends our way.  However, I was reminded this week that sometimes the small tender mercies are the ones that deserve the most recognition.
     This last week we headed down to Southern Utah to spend Thankgiving with my parents.  It was a long 4 hour ride in the car and Evey's first long road trip post spine surgery.  The kids all got a little antsy, seeing as how they've been spoiled with flying lately.  The second we got to my parents house and I laid Evey down to change her diaper, I noticed her g-j tube had been pulled out.  No bueno.  The problem with the tube being in her jejunum (intestine) is that it can only be replaced by an interventional radiologist in a radiology room which is only found in a big-time children's hospital, or big city hospital.  Southern Utah has neither, so I immediately cursed, cried, and then after the tears went away, we got on the phone to find out if we could go to Las Vegas to get it put back in, or if we had to drive all the way back up to Salt Lake City - 4 more hours on the road, while Evey went without any food, driving in the middle of the night.
     I was so bummed, I just wanted a Thanksgiving, especially because last Thanksgiving we were in the hospital recovering from her skull surgery.  After an hour or so on the phone we realized our best option was to turn around and drive back up to SLC.  We packed up the car and my parents offered to take the other 3 kids and meet us up at home the next day.  As we were driving away, I got a call from our radiologist back home that said he called and found a doctor in St. George that could put in Evey's g-j tube.  Four hours later, after an almost fight with an idiot ER doctor, and talking the radiologist through replacing her tube, we were on our way back to my parents' house for Thanksgiving.  My mind was scrambled eggs by the end of it all, and my parents wisely told me that they were praying for a tender mercy, and when we told them we could stay in St. George, they were immediately so thankful that the Lord gave us a tender mercy.  It was a tender mercy that I didn't even recognize because it still felt like such a fiasco.

     Two days later while still at my parents' house, Eli woke up at midnight coughing up a storm and couldn't catch his breath, while turning blue.  Thankfully we had Evey's steroids, gave him a few puffs, and ran him down to the ER.  Turned out to be pneumonia.  Three day Thanksgiving trip with only 2 trips to the local ER.  We are now infamous down at that small town hospital.

     Although small in the scheme of things, these are the tender mercies from the Lord.  Not having to leave abruptly and abandon our trip.  My dad letting me cry in his arms in pure frustration after seeing Evey's g-j tube pulled out, having extra medicine lying around to give to Eli when he needed it most.  And as always,  Nate and I continuing to be blessed with the energy we need, despite sleepless nights.  This thanksgiving, I was extremely grateful for my wise parents that reminded us of the small things that we are blessed with, even amongst the chaos.  Best thanksgiving in a long time, despite it all.  We are blessed.

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