Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Message from Rwanda

     A couple days ago, I had the perfect reflection moment for 2014.  One of the coolest guys we know happens to be Evey's wheelchair technician.  Their job is essentially to customize the wheelchair and measure Evey to make sure it fits her to a tee.  Our wheelchair guy is so cool, that he tricked out her wheels and put on some mountain tires and also customized her foot pad with some cool material that will be good sensory stimulation for pressure on her feet.  He is always so happy and has a wicked sense of humor.  Like I said, he's awesome!        
     He is from Rwanda and whenever Nate and I meet people not from Utah, in Utah, we ask them how they like it here.  He said this to us, "I like it here.  The thing is, you just have to be happy wherever you are."  So we asked how long he has been here and he said he left about 20 years ago.  We quickly put together that was the time of the genocide in Rwanda.  And then his comment made perfect sense, you can be happy wherever you are no matter what life circumstances are.  Especially coming from one of the happiest people I've ever met - who left his country in the middle of a genocide.  So that is my theme for 2014 - be happy wherever you are.  Thank you dear friend from Rwanda, for not only making Evey the coolest customized wheelchair, but for also giving us a pearl of wisdom, that will never be forgotten.  Here's to a happy 2014! We are blessed.

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