Sunday, November 18, 2012

Banana Stand

We put up Christmas decorations as soon as we got home from Disneyland to help ease the detox. Best idea we've ever had. There's something about seeing those 6 stockings hanging that make me love our little supreme team even more than I knew I did.

The week before surgery is always super introspective for Nate and I. We walk around almost in reverence for the blessings that we are about to receive and that we know we need from The Lord. We also know he's the only one that can give them, so I guess the week before surgery we try extra hard to be worthy of those blessings.

On a fun side note look who got creative with the banana holder and is using it as Evey's iv pole. Judging by Evey's smile, I'd say she gives me an A+ for creativity.

Next post will be from primary children's hospital. No where I'd rather spend our thanksgiving. It's the ultimate remind you to be grateful place.


  1. Great idea :) SO many prayers sent your way!!! LOVE you all and appreciate the updates :)

  2. Genius is right. Little Eves will do awesome for her CVR. Huge prayers sending your way. Ashton and she will be zig-zag scar buddies for life!