Thursday, November 22, 2012

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Gratitude. Evey beat the odds and came home with us tonight just 3 days after her cranio vault reconstruction surgery. The doctor also injected botox all around her neck to help get rid of her torticolis and help her neck stretch comfortably without pain. Not to be too redundant, but this girl is so tough and strong. Her head is swollen like crazy and she looks like a mix of sloth from goonies and a professional boxer, but she's still as mild and pleasant as ever.
We had a lovely thanksgiving up at primary's with just the supreme team and it was so nice for Nate and I to just sit and watch our kiddos in all their toddler glory eat up their dinner provided by primary children's hospital. We have so much to be thankful for today, but here's a little of my list for this month.
For my parents and siblings that watch the fearsome threesome while Evey does hospital stays.
Prayers all over the world for our little family.
For doctors and nurses and hospital staff that come to work and treat our family like their own.
For our Owen, Eli, Zoey, and Evey who continue to teach me invaluable lessons on the glory of parenthood.
Last and most importantly. The infamous question continues to come up on how I handle all this? The answers two-fold and so simple. The answer is and will always be I have a husband that is constantly at my side and is my partner and best friend through it all. He makes me laugh until I pee my pants and can read me like a book. He is my rock, my strength, my better half.
Lastly, I know my Savior knows me. I know he knows our family and is constantly watching over us. We feel the Holy Spirit through all of these earthly adventures and we know this is just one part of the grand eternal plan. We are truly happy, blessed, and thankful beyond words. What a happy thanksgiving. I can't wait to see what will be on our thankful list for 2013. Thank you, thank you to all our friends and family.

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  1. Look at her smile and look at you and Nate. I'm amazed and am so glad she's ok. Happy Thanksgiving.