Tuesday, January 29, 2013


     Lately, Nate & I have been chasing down parents in hospital hallways that have really cool wheelchairs and bonding with doctors and talking way past our appointment time.  It has been super hilarious.  But we are meeting some really good peoples. Buena gente as los Johnson would say. 
     Zoey is becoming ridiculously cute with Evey these days. The other night we caught her sneaking out of her bed and into our closet where Evey sleeps just to go play with her and talk to her.   These two made a serious pact long before we got here, just like Owen and Eli did.  I know the boys were best of friends just like Zoey and Evey were.  They promised one another to see each other through this mortal adventure.  I know that Nate & I made that same pact.  It's becoming more and more evident and it's such a blessing to witness.  It's the perfect eternal glimpse we are given in the middle of chaos. 

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