Thursday, January 10, 2013

Secret Weapon

I always knew I was going to have some special needs kids, and Nate will tell you the same. Apparently I had many conversations about my future "special" children with friends and family long  before I was even married, most of which I forgot about thanks to my non-existent memory. So when Evey was born, I was sent many a message about those past conversations and how I must have been prepared for a long time for our families future.

So growing up whenever I would see a "special needs" kiddo with their families. I would always think how sweet for their little family to be blessed with a child like that in their home. And it is so sweet. The sweetest blessing one could ask for. What I have learned day after day is that I have a whole new respect for other special needs parents out there. What you don't see behind those sweet kiddos is how medically complex they are. How the parents spend hour upon hour calling insurance and doctors and making doctor visits and the therapies and the countless surgeries and the nightmare of the home health care supply company.  One of my favorite other Mom's I've met recently described it best when she said when she is out shopping for clothes, she pictures herself out in the doctor's office and hospital wearing those new clothes.  Hilarious, but oh so true. It is a full-time job that I had no idea even existed. Now when I am privileged to meet these other parents I try my best to give them a secret smile to let them know, I know how busy you are.

The other lesson I've learned this week is to never take for granted the support system we have from friends and family. Many people don't have what we have and I never undervalue our "secret weapon". We happen to have a "secret weapon" aka my sis-in-law Kara who my kids and I happen to adore as a mother and friend. She frees up a few hours in my week so I can make the doctors visits and the endless phone calls. It's an immeasurable gift that I wish everyone had in our situation. Moral of the story is Nate and I aren't super heroes. But with endless help from the Lord and lots of help from friends and family and especially our secret weapon, we are managing our new life the best we possibly can.  And it is so blessed. We are so grateful the Lord put those people in our lives.  No kind act is small or insignificant or goes unnoticed.  I'll say it again - we are blessed beyond measure.

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