Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Unsung Heroes

Last post was about the amazing people around us and supporting us.  As parents of Owen and Evey we often get the you must be very chosen and special parents and we get to revel in all the praise of raising two amazing special kiddos. And sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the hoopla, thankfully we're blessed to know that is all the Lord, all the time. There's no way that we can be functioning with the energy levels that we have on the amount of little sleep we have and will probably have for the rest of Evey's life.  Our daily prayers always include, "bless us with the energy we need to accomplish the things thou would have us do" - and that specific request is always answered.  And all while being off the sauce, aka the Diet Coke for months.  I do believe in miracles!!!

My lesson I learned last week is that I know Evey's surrounded by 3 very chosen spirits. While Nate and I are being blessed, I'm reminded that it is the siblings of these special spirits that are the unsung heroes.  They will have a true glimpse into the start and beginning of Evey's life and see it through a childs eyes.  They might be by her side long after we're gone (we hope).  It has been fascinating to watch them gather by her and want to play with her even though she can't move.  They bring her toys and Zoey is already playing dress up with her and not once have they pulled on her g-tube, which is amazing for a 4, 3, and almost 2 year old. While on our friday night date at a McDonalds playland we encountered an extremely special needs young boy playing there by himself.  I watched the other kids stare at him and ease their way around him, while our kids didn't even flinch at his differences.  In fact Owen was so interested in him trying to shoot a basketball that he become his ball boy and shagged all his balls for him.  Nate and I awed at this situation, when it hit us that our kids will never know what's normal and what's not so normal by the worlds' standards - to them Owen will always be Owie and Evey will always be Eves knees and on the flipside Eli will always be the bear and Zoey will always be Zoe's nose. What a blessing we hadn't even thought of in our new situation.   They're the fearsome foursome.  When Nate and I first got married we gave ourselves the nickname of  "the supreme team" - we obviously thought we were a big deal.  Well we've obviously been humbled and I can proudly say the title has been passed down.  We all know the supreme team is and always will be Owen, Eli, Zoey, and Evey.  Here's proof:

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