Sunday, March 17, 2013


One of my favorite things in life is when things happen that are in no way a coincidence. The stars all align and magic happens. We are definitely more hyper aware of these meant to be moments since Evey. A while back I was on a phone call with one of the super nice people from our insurances pharmacy department. We got to talking about Eves and she told me she had a sick sister and that their family belonged to this Utah foundation called angels hands. Essentially this group ( is for families with children with rare diseases and they put on private parties and activities monthly for the kids and parents and also help with any medical equipment or medical bills. They're phenomenal. They do zoo trips, parents nights, Christmas parties, and also pool parties!

On Saturday we went to the monthly event up at the Park City Aquatic Center. They rented out the whole facility, filled the kids pool to the brim with water guns and balls and let all of us run a muck. O, E, and Z loved it and we actually let Evey in on her first pool swim because the keep their pool heated perfectly. She loved it and is officially a water baby just like everyone else in the fam. I love these monthly events they are so superb, but my favorite part is being with these other families and special kids. There's no where else where you can casually have a conversation over pizza and swimming about children passing away, surgeries, and just living life to the fullest. A set of parents came up to us after they saw Evey and told us how much she reminded them of their daughter who passed away in May. They smiled and played with her the whole time. There's no awkwardness in this group and no one hesitates to ask what the kids rare diseases are and who has passed away or talk about one another's challenges. It's a special thing to be with these amazing parents and their kids. There's not an ounce of judgement amongst this group, a beautiful and rare thing to find in this day and age. We are all just doing our best and are sincerely happy to be on this journey together with our special kids.

I'm blessed that the insurance woman on the other end of the phone thought to mention this foundation to us and I'm so grateful that those brave parents that lost their son at the age of 16 to a rare disease turned their tragedy into a triumph for our family and hundreds of others. Good is all around us, we just have to remember to look for it.

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