Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lean with it

Our fabulous occupational therapist calls Evey her miracle child. Despite all the things wrong with her anatomically, she's determined to progress. She's trying so hard to keep her head up and hold her little body straight even though her scoliosis and torticolis are out of control. She has a huge hump on the side of her back that make her look like a little old lady. She's a giant, eternal, old, wise spirit stuck in this malformed 10 month old body. She's a fighter through and through and will continue to let us know that limitations are overrated. Here's how she does for a few minutes at a time in the bumbo. And just for fun here's a picture of Evey's monthly shipment of formula and medical supplies. (Someone add medical supply organizer to my mom resume).

1 comment:

  1. THAT is a lot of boxes!!! Would you have any more room on your resume for another superpower though? I can NOT believe how much hair EVEY has now! DEFINITELY your child...... :)