Monday, March 25, 2013


We took all the kids to the hospital while Evey was getting her blood drawn for the umpteenth time. There's usually some awesome teenage volunteers that play with the kids while waiting for their appointments. These poor girls had no idea what they were in for that day when the fearsome threesome strolled in and sat at their table waiting to be entertained. First, they were blown away by Zoey who decided to quiz the teenagers on their knowledge of all colors and their stamping technique. They kept asking Nate how old she was, a frequent thing, and we have to convince everyone that yes she just turned 2. And then, Eli decided to educate the girls on the many differences between male and female anatomy. These poor girls were bright red and probably received a more thorough sex education than they do in high school. We can't say our kids don't pay attention when we are teaching them. Schooled by a 3 year old. So yes we are officially preparing ourselves for 10 years down the road when the bear becomes a
teenager...oh boy!

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