Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Otolaryngology 101

Not going to lie. The first 12 hours postop were rough for Evey. She was in crazy amounts of pain that got out of control due to some lovely nurses. So we now know that Eves needs some serious pain meds in the OR before she even comes out into the recovery area. Learning new parenting lessons every day. Fortunately today she is back to her lovely, smiley, friendly self.

So they put a stitch and string through Evey's tongue just in case she had a breathing emergency post op so they could pull it out. We thought her tongue was normal size and that it just sticks out because she's so hypotonic. Apparently, not so. The first thing our Ent said to us was that her tongue was way way big. Then I kindly asked Nate to show his tongue to the ent to show that it was more hereditary than syndromic. So she got her first and hopefully only tongue piercing. Below you can see the pictures of her throat and vocal chords. The vocal chords have a hole and you can see all the swollen tissue around it that shouldn't be there. That tissue is what causes her old man breathing/snoring. Thankfully it has gone down a lot in the last few months as she has gotten bigger and stronger. The other picture shows how they basket weave the muscles to fix her submucous cleft palate, way cool. Another surgery off the list. Next step, learning to eat, fixing her torticolis and figuring out the plan with the scoliosis. I can't say enough what a star Evey is. She never ceases to amaze me. We know we are blessed because of all the prayers on our behalf. So thank you all.

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