Monday, April 8, 2013

Pre-op Vacay

Just sitting in the waiting room at PCMC waiting for Evey to be done. She's getting her submucous cleft palate repaired, ear tubes replaced, neck botoxed, and another broncoscopy/possible supraglottoplasty. It all should take about 2 hours and because it's mostly in the mouth it should heal pretty well. We only anticipate a few days stay.This is surgery #4, hospital stay #7 all in 10 months. She's a champion.

While spending some glorious time by the pool in Vegas I kept thinking to myself we should have done more pre-op vacays for all of Evey's surgeries. And then I remembered we have for the most part. Now that her surgeries are slowing down we need to come up with some more excuses to get out of town. I guess now we'll have to celebrate normal stuff like holidays and birthdays. How conventional of us. Here's a photo bomb of Vegas good times with cousins and warm sunshine.

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