Sunday, September 9, 2012

a love story

Pardon me, while I indulge myself for a moment.

As Nate & I are adjusting to our new lives, we are uncovering all sort of new things in our marriage. So I thought I'd uncharacteristically reminisce about how the Supreme Team began.

It was 6 years ago almost to the day that I met the Natronius Johnson. I had just turned 25 and had an epiphany after tearing the ligaments in my knee, for the second time, that it was time to slow down. I guess, not so much an epiphany, but the lord smiting me, physically, so I had no choice but to reevaluate life. The week before I met Nate, I had a Saturday night prayer fest with the Lord telling him I knew it was time to start looking for my companion. I told him that I would no longer chase after the dude bro dudes (as I like to call them). I told the Lord that it didn't matter if he liked the same music, or snowboarding, or that he was a superior athelte. I promised him that as long as he loved the lord and the gospel as much as I knew I did, then I could compromise with everything else.

Enter Nate. Nate was a beautiful looking man that would walk into church, sit in the side bench and pour over his scriptures all throughout church. He never would lift his head up and he never talked to anyone, so I thought, that's the guy for me. Quiet, sullen, and devishily handsome. He did manage to perk up and give extremely intelligent answers during sunday school, so I knew he was wicked smart. Little did I know that I was being fooled. He happens to be more extroverted than me and quite the social butterfly. Ends up, he had just given up on dating, and decided to retreat from socializing because none of his girlfriends over the years had turned into marriage.

Enter Cally. I was a sunday school teacher in our ward. The sunday after my talk with the Lord I strolled into church on a mission. We were studying the Old Testament and my lesson that sunday was on Job. I could always count on Nate to fill in all the details of the doctrine that I dont have the mental capacity to retain, especially within the Old Testament. Thing is, I never knew Nate's name. I just called him "the smart kid" because I could always turn to him for the answers I needed during Gospel Doctrine. After my lesson I went into the hallway to track the "smart kid" down. I went out once, couldn't find him, went back into class. I decided to try one more time after sitting in class for a few more minutes and I ran right into him in the hallway. I waltzed up to him, trying desperately to disguise my nervousness, and I punched him in the arm (awesome second grade flirting move) and said, "hey smart kid, I need your help on something." I told him I thought Job was super underrated in the church and wondered why we don't talk about his story more. And that was that...we talked for an hour and a half about Job and eventually got around to learning one anothers' names and exchanging numbers. Nine months later we were sealed in the Bountiful, Utah temple - and 6 years later we find ourselves on this adventure called life. By the way, just in case you're wondering, because of my pact with the Lord, he did take care of everything else. Ends up Nate and I have everything in common, from sports to music to our sense of humor, he is without a doubt, my 100% perfect match. So I didn't have to compromise on anything in the end.

We laugh, all too often, about how our first conversation was about Job. We have had a whirlwind life from the second we got married and everything seems like it's on fast forward. We joke, how maybe if our first conversation had been about rainbows and butterflies we wouldn't have had all the bumps and bruises that we've had over the last 6 years. One thing we do know, is Job is on our short list of people we want to talk to right away after we die.

With the arrival of Evey, we know she's going to be our third companion through life. We hope that she gets to come on our missions with us, she would be the ultimate companion in our trio. We are learning how important it is to stay on top of our marriage game even when our gas tanks are running on empty. 100% of our energy is going into the fearsome foursome, but Nate and I have been wisely counselled over and over again that number one is and always should be our companionship, children second. Even if it means we're bonding over a plate of our favorite onion rings up at Primary Children's Hospital. So this is my public declaration to the Natronius. Thanks for putting up with your sometimes heartless wifey. Thanks for being the smartest man in the whole wide world and for respecting me as your equal. Thanks for giving me four amazing children and for teaching me that being a Wife and a Mom is so much more fun then snowboarding or going to concerts. Because of you, this mortality is so so worth it. Here's to you baby bubba and all the many more missions the Lord has in store for us!!!

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  1. As you guys would say tenderoni. Love you guys. Punching and touching elbows.. it's amazing any of us actually got husbands!