Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grills and Bridges

It seems like we've had a few marathon days in the last little while.  With the new addition of school and soccer and doctor appointments - it's official - we're a family of 6. 

Zoey has officially joined the supreme team children surgery club.  She was our last and latest to have surgery and it was a doozy. 

Zoey got a new grill today! (sorry for all the gangsta terms, there's just something about living in Utah that brings out the gangsta in me).  Zoey's teeth have slowly been disentigrating into nothingness and after a visit to the dentist we were informed, once again, that Nate & I's genes do not get along and that she was just born without the necessary enamel.  So they scheduled an operation where they would cap and fill all her teeth so she wouldn't have to walk around like an 80 year old until her adult teeth came in.  After watching 3 of our kiddos go under anasthesia we were all taking bets if Zoey would be a good or a bad drunk - verdict is in -bad drunk.

First of all, everyone thinks she's a 3 year old when she motors around talking like a 30 year old and is in the 140th percentile for height for an 18 month old.  Yes, that's right, 140th percentile.  Hello Volleyball pro, Tennis pro, Swim pro or super model??? She also has this terrible scab on her nose and mouth that makes her look like Charlie Chaplin from face planting in the driveway on Sunday, the dentist probably should have called Child Protective Services on us.  So I helped the anasthesiologist restrain Zoe without a blink of an eye while they were trying to gas mask her and apparently I was so good at it, the doctor said, "So you work in anasthesiology?"  Haha, no, not really, I work in the Mom/medical field of learning how to restrain 30-50 pound toddlers/wet seals during medical procedures and doctor appointments.  If only that earned me an anasthesiologist salary. 

Immediately after dealing with the backwards flipping Zoey coming off of anasthesia, we went straight to an Eye appointment for Eli because we have kind of noticed that his eyes might be turning inward.  So this is what the optometrist told us. Because of his large nose bridge (aka his mother's nose) and his small eyes with epicanthal folds (aka his dads eyes) it can make it look like his eyes are turning inward when his vision is just fine.  Hahaha, that's so classic.  So basically Doctor you're saying our son has a big nose and small eyes and it just looks like he's cross-eyed, awesome!  All I'm saying is can we really make fun of a nose that comes from an apostle?  I didn't think so. 

So that about sums up the day.  Grills and Bridges.  As I was carrying our super floppy 4 month old Evey, that should be strong enough to hold her head up by now, around the house today after doctor time, I had yet another epiphany of how worked up we get about these mortal bodies of ours.  We have these funny noses and small eyes, and these genetically messed up bodies, with these grand spirits inside. Note to self - focus more on spirit, less on big nose. I officially retract my super model comment about Zoey.  Lessons learned.


  1. Oh my gosh. You guys should have a reality show with the craziness ya'll deal with EVERY day :) I would much rather see you as 'super mom' than Kourtney Kardashian pulling her own baby out of her 'Vagee-gee' :)

  2. This one was one of my favorites! Go supreme team!