Friday, September 7, 2012

Double Salmon Ladder

Only one out of our four children can hold still for a picture. Eves is by far our best behaved child. Late one night Nate made a collage of the monkeys, so that's officially our family picture for the next little bit.

Speaking of not holding still, Owen's newest obsession is American ninja warrior. If you haven't seen it, stop reading this blog and google "double salmon ladder". Owie has been climbing everything and anything around the house while yelling, "double salmon ladder".

I'm super grateful that his fixations are on some pretty cool things, he has great taste. My favorite is watching Eli try and follow him and make the jumping of gaps between furniture. You can see Eli's thought process, he totally pauses and you can tell he's like this isn't going to work out for me and slowly gets down. Ninjas or pirates for Halloween...parenting decisions are so difficult.

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  1. Look at those kiddos! We leave for a week or two and Evey learns to smile. What a little smartie pants! She has the cutest little grin! -Kim