Monday, September 3, 2012

Nana boot camp

Evey must be feeling better because she is all smiles. I think pulling the slime out of her left ear must have restored her hearing because she's all sorts of alert.

When I was on bedrest with Eli we lived up at my parents house for 2 months. While there my mom, aka Nana was on a mission to teach Owen to crawl. All it took was a week and nana boot camp was a great success and Owen learned to crawl. That's the ongoing joke in our family now - if you're ever trying to teach your kid anything send them up to nana and papas for a few days and they'll be taught in no time.
So last night as we were wrapping up Swiss days in midway with the fam, my mom went over to Eves and got her smiling for a whole hour, nana boot camp wins again.

It was a very blessed weekend and yet another huge reminder that the lord knows exactly what he's doing and that there's no such thing as coincidence, we're never ever alone in our "moments".


  1. How sweet is that! So glad you busted out a camera so we could see her adorable smiling face. Nana's boot camp strikes again. :)

  2. And a wonderful Nana she is :) LOVE the smiles :)