Friday, August 31, 2012

nil per os

NPO or nil per os is a medical term that means nothing by mouth. I love the random Latin phrases that stick around in the medical world. I finally looked up NPO during our last hospital stay. I'm continuing to learn more about our little Eves and more about adjusting expectations. We were sent home on a continuous feed for Evey's g-tube and tried to bottle feed her. Ends up the lady is still aspirating because of her sucky epiglottis(I love the way that word sounds) so we're going back to NPO status for a long while so she can get nice and strong and can swallow without all her food going to her lungs. She'll now be purely fed through her gangsta tube until further notice.

Today's lesson: I'm a glass full kind of girl, I would dare say I'm a cup runneth over kind of girl. I've been harassed my whole life that I have a magical power to create my own reality, regardless of the shiz storm around me. Today was a reminder to me to not set my standards so high. Eves knees is not going to make leaps and bounds, she's going to 'what about bob' it and baby step her way through mortality. All things will be done at her and heavenly fathers pace. Ends up I'm definitely not in charge so I might as well sit back and enjoy the ride.

This pic is a favorite. Daddy and Eves right before surgery time. I heart that guy so much!

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  1. You DEFINITELY put a positive spin on SO much of your life, Cal, and it's an enviable trait. Love you all and the progress that is taking taking place (one step at a time :)