Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exam study guide

Today in the midst of all my morning doctor/insurance phone calls, I decided to make a list of all Eveys' specialists that she has seen and will see throughout her lifetime for her variety of issues. I decided If I put it here I'll never lose it. So here's some further exam material for the upcoming test.

1 - Pediatrician - general check ups and well exams
2 - ENT - laryngomalacia, malformations, ear tubes
3 - Cardiologist - heart murmur, two holes in her heart vsd and pfo
4 - Plastic surgeon - craniosynostosis, recessed jaw, and submucous cleft palate
5 - Neurosurgeon - craniosynostosis
6 - Audiologist - hearing loss, left ear
7 - Geneticist - semi-annual follow ups and research studies
8 - General Surgeon - feeding tube placements and removals
9 - Neurologist - possible epilepsy and corpus callosum
10 - Orthopedic specialist - scoliosis and spinal malformations
11 - Gastroenterologist - Digestive Issues and reflux
12 - Ophthamologist - Strabismus(eyes turning in) and far sightedness
*Also on the list is the physical, speech, and occupational therapist.

My mind is a medical rolodex. It would be very presumptuous of me to say that my mental capacity is all my own (and we all know my self-esteem has never been lacking), but I know without a doubt that I'm being carried through this, because there's no way any female mind should be able to retain what I'm retaining 3 months postpartum.

I keep on mentioning it takes a "village". Here's our village. I thought I loved my parents and all my brothers and sisters, I really did. But now I realize how much I love and need them. I have the coolest "village" around.


  1. When we talk about Evey I don't know how I forget that you just had her 3 months ago when you bring that up you're right your mental capacity is obscene for 3 months post partum. We're going to find you some online school to give you an honorary PHD - you deserve it. Love you Cally Anne.

  2. 3 months...wow. I can't even remember my kids school schedule at 3 months. You are doing amazingly well. Hang in there. We love you all!

  3. 3 months still had me in a fog with NO sleep being a HUGE part of that (apparently I have to have sleep to function. Who knew?!) Love you, Ashton.... You're amazing :) And your family is fantastic :)