Monday, August 27, 2012

A question

Evey raised her hand because she had a question. "Why is there a hole in my stomach?"

She did so amazing today. Better then we could have ever imagined. We'll just be watching her levels on oxygen and learning the fun of g-tube feeding (aka her gangsta tube) and hopefully coming home soon. The doctors loved our nickname for it. Prayers were truly answered and she's getting stronger every day. Now we hope she'll be on the path to gaining more weight(never thought I'd be saying that about one of our children). Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, we felt them and so did Eves knees.


  1. SOOOOO glad the surgery went well and she has her 'gangsta' tube in now :) SUPER impressed with her motor skills/muscle control getting that hand raised and ready for a cute pic :)

  2. ADORABLE. She is simply adorable. I want to hold her now. Can she come visit me tomorrow?... No? Ok, well then soon, please. Looking forward to October.