Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Bear

Our Eli bear truly is one of a kind. I saw this picture and thought I'd share a little about our middle child. Eli's full name is Stephen Elijah. Stephen is after my dad(papa) and Elijah comes from a promise I made to myself 12 years ago.

The summer before I left on my mission to Spain, I worked at a retirement community in Las Vegas. I worked as a lifeguard and at the front desk of the community's fitness center. I loved that job. Every Monday night a group of east coasters would come in and play bocce. There was a 92 year old man named Elijah that was a part of that group. I looked forward to Monday nights just so I could see him. He would walk in ever so slowly, come right up to the front desk, give me a wink and a smile and slowly slide a werther's candy across the desk top and then he was on his way. We had the same exchange every Monday night all summer long and we never exchanged a single word. He had such a presence about him that warmed my soul. It was that summer I promised myself that I would name a son Elijah (husband willing). I look forward to meeting Elijah after this life and can't wait to reintroduce the bear to his namesake.

Our poor Eli is such a sensitive guy. Out of everyone he seems to be the only one shaken by the bouncing around from place to place during Evey time. I know it's because he really is perceptive to the situation around him. The volatility he has now will turn into a warm, kind, caring brother that will love and care for anyone within his circle. So here's to you our Eli bear, thanks for keeping us on our toes and for reminding your old Mom that it's okay to show your emotions when you feel like it.


  1. Oh Eli, I love your name and the way your mom discovered it. I also love that your nickname is Bear - it fits your big heart and warm soul. Life will calm down for you soon and then you will come play with me and Livvy at Bear Lake. You are a special guy and will make a young woman very happy one day (I will put a good word in for you with Livvy :)

    Love you and your family!

  2. I never knew that was where you got Eli's name. That is AWESOME! Such a great name for a great kiddo :)