Sunday, August 12, 2012

A little peace of heaven

This is what heaven looks like. As much fun as it was having time with Hospital Evey, it's magical to have the team reunited.

Nate & I are slowly learning how to become medical professionals and we've found our rhythm after a few trial and errors. Between all 4 kids we figure it'll take us an hour to leave the house and we'll still forget half of what we needed - but as long as we're happy and they're happy that's all that matters.

Speaking of heaven, while our kids were with family they learned all sorts of new things. How to brush their teeth by themselves and how to scrub their bodies. I've always been a believer in it takes a village (mostly because I'm a little on the lax side and that my other brothers, sisters, and my padres are parental geniuses). So thank you "village" for teaching my children some new skills. I only hope when it comes to dealing with wild teenagers I can impart some wisdom.

I love these pictures of the Natronius with the kids. I had no idea when getting married that you should look for a guy that was good with kids. All I knew was that he was spiritual, hot, and hilarious. So here's to you baby bubba - without whom this craziness called life would so not be worth it or fun! I love you two, three, four.

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