Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A moment...

Before I get carried away with this whole blogging world and the power of censoring what I choose, I'll tell you about a "moment" I had the other day. The first day we got home from the hospital we had an incredibly long night figuring out all of Eves' new contraptions. I woke up that next morning exhausted as did Natronius. As the day went on, so did my "moment". I started to throw myself a pity party and was walking around like a real sad sack. We were now in the daily reality of our new life with Evey and I, Cally Johnson, do confess that I wasn't quite prepared for those feelings (yes, I do have feelings that surface once a year). My moment snowballed and I turned into a real peach to the Natron that day - like always, I blame estrogen for that one.

So my "moment" turned into a whole day. At night, I finally had some time alone to drive to the store with my pathetic self when I finally thought to myself this is ridiculous I should put up a prayer already. So the 3 magic words came out...dear heavenly father - and bam - the spirit hit me like a freight train. So as you can imagine, the rest of my prayer was spent apologizing for not praying sooner and for letting my "moment" turn into a whole day.

I feel blessed to have had this epiphany this early on in Evey's life. There will be many more days where I'll have moments. They'll surely come watching her try to talk or walk or eat solids at age 3 or 15 or 25. We just don't know what tomorrow brings. My goal is to allow myself those moments, because that's mortality, but to not allow them to turn into hours, or days, or weeks. So thank you to my older sister, Evey Marie. I never thought I'd be allowed to learn so much from a 2 month old. I can't wait for the other lessons you're going to teach me in this life and the next.

On a side note, here's some good times we had today with my two older brothers and my other older sister also known as Owen, Eli, and Zoey.


  1. LOVE those moments where we feel so close to Him and heaven..... I love you, girl, and your kids look SO, SO happy :)

  2. Thanks for uplift! Thanks for keeping this blog!

  3. I think you are amazing for using prayer when you did - I let my "moments" drag on much longer for much less. I enjoy the reminder that our children are not ours but they belong to our Father in Heaven and we are indeed spiritual siblings. I don't think you realize how powerfully profound your perspective on life is! Thanks for not censoring it all, your influence reaches farther than you know. Once upon a time you were called to be my trainer on a mission, now you have become my trainer in life! Love you Cally Ashton Johnson.