Monday, May 6, 2013

Baby steps

Nate & I have an app on our phones that shows us last minute deals on hotels.  The second we saw an awesome deal for a good hotel in Park City we jumped on it.  Even with the kids, a night away does a lot for the soul.  The kids had the pool to themselves and Evey even got her splash on with her feet. It was just what all of us needed...and now back to the real world again. We're baby stepping our way to a real vacation next month.  Our systems might go into shock if Nate & I suddenly found ourselves alone on a beach in 7 weeks, so we are easing our way into what a real vacation will feel like. Baby steps. On a side note if you look at my left shoulder in the picture below you'll see the bone sticking out. Separated shoulders are overrated. On that note baby steps towards health.


  1. Looking so thin and tan Cally Ann. And a separated shoulder? When is that getting taken care of and how are you functioning as a mom? And adorable suit from what I can see. I am so excited for your vacay - it is more than deserved!! But baby steps in the meantime is a very good idea, you need to learn how to relax again. When we went it took me at least 24 hours to allow myself to relax, and it will likely take you a bit more unless you find small ways to practice before then :)

    1. Oh how I miss you lady. The suit is a roxy tankini, it's totally your style. I'll show you when you're here. The app is called hotel plus and they always have coupon codes on top of the discounted rate so check it out. I check the cities and they have good Denver deals. I'd love to see you if you're down before the end of June. I need some good Liz time.

  2. P.S. - what is the name of that app? :)