Friday, May 3, 2013

Birthday Man

Not so much a birthday boy, but a birthday man! We are smack in the middle of what Nate & I have rightfully named birthday row.  We have four out of our 6 family birthdays all within 6 weeks, as we watch the diets fly out the window and enter the sugar coma.  This week we were honored to celebrate the birthday of the man that makes the supreme team function, the one and only The Natronius.  It was a lovely family affair and the kids loved picking out the pirate cake for Dad, little do they know Daddy loves pirates as much as they do.  Ever since we've inherited a piano, the bedtime routine has turned into Daddy playing the Pirates of the Caribbean song over and over.  We've started a family tradition for birthdays; while we eat cake, everyone has to say something they love about the birthday person.  It was fun to hear the kids say what they love about Dad this year, they are finally understanding how blessed they are to have a Daddy like Nate.  These last few weeks there have been heaps of new issues being thrown onto our already full plates, but as usual Nate has been as stoic and supportive as ever.  He works so hard and then comes home and takes care of me and the kids, all without flinching.  He is the best, there's no one like him, and never will be.  He's truly one of a kind and can take care of this family like no one else.  He's the founder, creator, and ceo of the supreme team.  He puts the "supreme" in the supreme team.  We love you two, three, four.

Two down, two to go...

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  1. What a great tradition! I might have to steal that one if you don't mind. And I agree, I think you have found a great man Cally - he's the one who thankfully saw the greatness in mine, and we are forever in his debt for having the "vision" to introduce us. :) Love you both!