Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I've always been a mercy kind of girl.  I feel like mortality has a way of inflicting justice on its own, and because of that justice has never been a worry of mine(no surprise there). Those things have a way of working themselves out.  I love mercy, I love the lord's mercy, and I survive on his tender mercies.  Evey ended up back in the hospital with back to back viruses that turned into pneumonia.  I had an epiphany at 4am in the ER that with our new supply of oxygen here at home, we can essentially do everything for Evey at home that we could do at the hospital, minus an IV.  But since we can give everything through her g-tube we are full stocked to be the Supreme Team Medical Center.  This has been a hard one for Evey.  She's fought through quite a few viruses over the winter and come out on top, but this time it hit her hard.  We were also informed that she does have asthma and that will complicate simple viruses even more and Utah's ever evolving pollen and allergy seasons.  So without further ado, scuba Evey's back.  Evey's obviously not too excited about reentering the scuba world, and quite frankly neither are we.

And this is the supreme team being broken down with no sleep for several nights in a row.

And this is the Lord's tender mercy.  Just when I think I couldn't go on today, Owen comes running in the door after getting dropped off from school with his "graduation" pictures.  Owen graduating from the Pingree Center for Autism.  Our Owen being mainstreamed for kindergarten.  This sweet boy is as pure as pure can be.  He is my tender mercy today and forever.
And this 20 minutes is what really keeps me putting one foot in front of another.  It changes my life every time I listen to it. 
I can answer firmly and faithfully, "Lord, I believe".

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