Friday, May 24, 2013

Orthopedics 101

The day we've been waiting for has arrived.  It's the answer we knew was coming and now we can make future plans. We had Evey's one year appt with our orthopedist and her scoliosis has gone from  a 43 degree curvature to a 60 degree curvature. She has what the MDs like to call a thoracic insufficiency. So yes we will be getting spinal rods through what they call the veptr procedure.  She'll get those surgically placed in August and then we are in this for the long haul. Bad news is we are committed to surgery every 6 months for the next 14 years. That's at least 28 surgeries. Good news is the Dr here at primary's is one of the best in the nation and he helped develop the veptr procedure. Other good news is that this will hopefully help Eves to learn how to sit up. Hooray. The last good news is she's a champ and does surgery so well and Nate and I happen to really like the dessert bar up at the hospital so we'll all manage just fine. 


  1. Wow! Glad to hear that there are some answers, even though it sounds like it will be a long haul. We love Evey and she is a constant in our prayers!

  2. Not that you need to hear this....but I showed my dad your instagram of Evey's spine and he was shocked! He told me with all of her health conditions he'd have to send a patient down to California or up to Primary's and he said Primary's is the best and he knows those docs and even though it's a long process it is the best place to do it in the country. I know you are all tough but we are all here to help and love you guys! I'm glad you finally got the info you needed to make plans!

    1. Thanks Kim. Our Doctor up here knows your Dad and holds him in high regard. Thanks for your love and help. This will definitely be a long journey and we will need lots of help along the way. We love you guys!